Why My Comfy Socks?

My Comfy Socks™ dedicates itself to engineering the most durable and comfortable socks made from high-quality alpaca fiber. Located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, the majority of our socks are designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house using our own knitting machines, allowing us the ability to oversee our process and quality to perfection. We use only the highest quality yarn as well, by making travels to the South American country of Peru for the purest alpaca fiber available.

Why Alpaca?

We’ve looked around the world for the perfect fiber to benefit any kind of sock, whether it’s for casual wear, dress, extreme sports, hiking, running, or any other activity, and alpaca fiber comes out on top. Its characteristics boast a very soft, light feel, while also offering warmth, strength, and durability that overshadow the properties of wool. In fact, alpaca fiber is three times warmer than wool due to its thermal properties; the fineness and density of each fiber allows more hairs to occupy the same space. It’s also seven times stronger than wool, offering a higher tensile strength.

Another benefit of alpaca is its moisture wicking capabilities. Alpaca fiber is naturally water-resistant, and it carries a very unique ability to mimic cotton and offer a better temperature regulation. This allows alpaca to feel lighter than wool in warm, humid climates, and warmer than wool in cool and damp climates.

What about the softness and comfort that we all want in a sock? Alpaca offers both. Under a microscope, alpaca fibers show flat scales all lying in the same direction on the exterior of each hair. This eliminates the “prickle-factor” that we feel in most other natural fibers. Alpaca is also hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions.

My Comfy Socks™ uses all of these alpaca fiber natural properties and then blends it with a special microfiber for extra softness. For strength and durability, we add quality nylon to ensure the engineering of a superior, high-performance, long-lasting sock. To learn more about My Comfy Socks™, visit us on Facebook.

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