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Hello friends, my name is Ruth Mogrovejo and my family and I are the owners and operators of the Latin Collection - My Comfy. I was born in Juliaca, a city in the south of Peru, right next to Lake Titicaca. It is located at 12,350 ft (3827 m) above sea level in the Andes Mountains. Juliaca is officially the Folkloric Center of Perú and also the area where you find the most skilled textile artisans from all of Perú. As a child, I admired the knitting skills of these gifted artists; and through the years I learned knitting, design, sewing, arts and crafts.

Although I earned my Engineering degree, my passion was still knitting and sewing. In 1990 my sister Aydeé, my niece Azucena, and I have established Latin Collection (LC) as a family business. We design fashionable garments inspired by nature, Incan, and modern art. The artisan's magical hands transform the yarn into unique and luxurious wearable art utilizing the finest quality alpaca, baby alpaca, and pima cotton. The process of making a garment is a complete project that can take many days, even weeks of knitting. Most of our artisans are women, many of them friends from childhood, who support themselves and their families with their knitting, weaving, crochet, and embroidery. Your purchase gives meaningful employment and a better future for the Peruvian artisans and their families.

The LC Mission is to be fair to our artisans and provide them with continuous work so they can improve their living conditions. We aim to provide our clients with a unique alpaca clothing collection of high quality at a fair price. Alpacas are never harmed in the making of our products.

We hope you will be most pleased with our products.

Our best regards,

Ruth Mogrovejo and Family


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