My Comfy Testimonials

Reproduced with the Permission of Jerry Grady:

In 2013 I was invited to join a group of 10 friends for a trek through part of the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal. At 64 years old I decided I should take advantage of this chance to see the mountains. Our trip would be for 5 weeks in November and early December.

The first leg of the trip is flying from Kathmandu to Lukla airport. Lukla is often called the most dangerous airport in the world as it is located on the side of a mountain with the length of an aircraft carrier. Because of the challenges of this airport every passenger is severely limited on the weight of their luggage. I had to thin my gear down and I calculated that I would have room for 8 pairs of socks for our 23 days in the mountains.

I decided on an experiment to test what socks I would find best for trekking in the mountains. I took 2 pairs of the following : Fits, Latin Collection MyComfy Socks, Cabelas, and Smart Wool. We would be trekking for about 6-7 hours per day with temperatures starting at 10 degrees in the early morning and reaching as high as 40 degrees in the afternoon. The socks were important because not only did they have to hold up for trekking and wick moisture well but they also had to help keep your feet warm at night in single digit temperatures.

I tried all of the socks out trekking towards Mt. Everest base camp. After two weeks we reached Gorak Shep our highest camp for overnight stays. At over 16,000 feet we could easily hike to Everest base camp one at 17,700 feet and to the peak of Kala Patthar, our highest point at over 18,500 feet. I had decided that this trekker found the MyComfy by Latin Collection socks to be the most comfortable by this time. I broke out my second pair and wore them for the 4 days we spent at the highest and coldest altitude. Pictured below is the author at the peak of Kala Patthar and relaxing on the way down showing off his socks.

I look forward to putting the socks through their paces as I found sub-zero temperatures waiting for me when I return to Des Moines, Iowa.”

Jerry Grady is a retired TV Producer for Iowa Public Television MyComfy socks made by Latin Collection, LLC offer a diverse collection of fine alpaca apparel, accessories and décor that offer a perfect balance of comfort and function. MyComfy socks are MADE IN THE USA in Charleston, South Carolina ensuring the quality and comfort demanded to tackle even the Himalayas!