Nylon instead of Spandex

This socks are made with Nylon instead of Spandex, which may result in a slightly different fit and feel. While Spandex is known for its stretch and elasticity, Nylon is a strong and durable material that can hold up to wear and tear. As a result, our socks may feel slightly less flexible and snug than socks made with Spandex. However, Nylon is a reliable and long-lasting material that can provide excellent support and comfort for everyday wear.

Bad toe seam

This socks have visible and palpable ridge or bump at the toe area, caused by excessive yarn or poor placement, and may also be stitched with a rough yarn, twisted, or crooked.


No Reinforcement

A sock with non-reinforcement lacks additional support or reinforcement in specific areas, such as the heel or toe.


Broken Elastic

A sock with broken elastic is characterized by a lack of tension or support in the cuff or leg area, which can cause the sock to slip down and bunch up around the ankle or foot.


Bad Welt/bad band

A sock with a bad welt or band is characterized by a tight or restrictive cuff.


Missing Logo

Is a sock that does not have the brand or design logo printed or embroidered on it.


Wrong Color

A sock with the wrong color is characterized by having a color that does not match the intended color or design.


Elastic error

During the run of the sock, the elastic bound up and caused the sock to become too tight in certain areas.  We manually removed some of the elastic to allow the sock to stretch but the appearance will make the sock look smaller than what it really is.


Line across the ankle

Due to machine setup, there is a line running along the ankle of the sock.  This is where the cushion terry was not knit correctly and caused a cosmetic imperfection.  At this point, inside the sock it is very hard to notice but there is no terry lining.  This is a cosmetic flaw and will not cause any performance issues.


Broken Needle

Like with any machine, a part will eventually break causing imperfect products.  Here one of the stitching needles broke during the production of the sock.  The machine skipped this needle.  This cause a running line through the sock.  Normally the line will start at the top of the sock and go to the toe.   This line will not cause the sock to malfunction or break during wear.